Complete Winter Mod v 2.0

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The new edition of the long-awaited winter mod to ETS2! In this version I focused on refining the details, especially the weather, time of day, and on adding more winter climates. This year, the mod has been split into 3 parts so that everyone can find the best version for himself.

After download and extract mod, you will see 3 .scs files, a brief description of each:
Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [BASE] – The basic part of the mod. necessary for the proper functioning
Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [ADDON] more snow on asphalt – part of the mod which adds more texture of the snow-covered asphalt, adding a snowplow, snowed wheels, etc. Do not change over driving physics, the car will behave like a normal asphalt.
Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [ADDON] Extreme – change the driving physics in the game, it is very slippery, slow motion AI.
CWM_HDR_FIX – if you use HDR, and snow is too bright, use this file.

Changes in v 2.0:
– Adapted mod under v1.14 patch
– Changes in the times of day and weather
– I added drifts along walls, railings and fences
– I fixed snowy texture wheels
– I added the missing texture snowy forests and mountains
– I fixed definitions of AI cars and slows them
– I chenged loading screens

Changes in v 1.1:
– Snowed mine
– Improved plow (a few changes to the model and definitions)
– Added icicles on high voltage lines and the signaling devices
– I changed the brightness of headlights of the truck
– Added the missing texture maps of snow for TSM and Scandinavia map
– Economics modified (extended delivery time)
– Improved texture trees
– Animation removed from the balloon and a madman, with jackhammer
– I changed the physics of driving (swing cab and extended braking distance)
– I added EXTREME versions, and it changed:
– All the roads are slippery
– Changed the texture of asphalt, which occurs most frequently
– Changed even more driving physics (extended stopping distances and higher asphalt slippery conditions)

What mod changes:
– New asphalt, roads, terrain, water and vegetation texture
– Added Christmas decorations, lights, Christmas trees, etc.
– Snowed some buildings
– Snowdrifts, snowmen instead of combine harvesters and tractors
– Snowplow added in AI traffic
– Dirty AI cars, trucks, trailers, snowed wheels
– Dirty road signs
– Snow on the windshield trucks
– New sounds of rain
– I added orange streetlights
– Horizontal markings have been removed
– Remove cows, bales of straw, harvesters etc.

DOWNLOAD 180 MB for patch 1.14
DOWNLOAD 180 MB for patch 1.13 and older

Author: satan19990

31 thoughts on “Complete Winter Mod v 2.0

  1. The mod is great, but the extreme physics need some tweaking. I can’t even hit over 20km/h with a trailer.

    1. True, a very nice mod, nice textures but it’s no fun for me going with 30-50km/h and seeing the AI cars passing by me with 120 km/h.

      1. Tested on V 1.14 TSM 5.3 works like a charm.

    2. how do you install mods can you give me a tutorial on how to do it

  2. Does it works on latest TSM map?

  3. Спасибо!Хороший мод.Лучше предыдущих.Хотя,предыдущие тоже неплохие.

  4. Hi!
    The snow doesnt cover the landscape around, I still get grass sticking up from the ground. Otherwise the mod is awesome, but I didnt like the orange light.

    1. :)) just turn off the grass in game settings.

  5. Works wery great, even with the Promods map!

  6. Work great with TSM 5.3…thank you

  7. Mr.GermanTruck

    Little test Video under Version 1.14.2

  8. Im having a little too bright on the night all the streetlights make the streets just white and i dont have any graphic mod

  9. Fulltilt503

    Great looking mod as far as looks/textures go, but I couldn’t get the physics working. Instead of being slippery it felt like driving in sludge, really slow and bogged down constantly, the AI were not driving slowly either. Installed correctly on the latest patch, loaded the mod last as instructed.

    Short review video for anyone interesting, the textures are great:


    best Winter Mod

    thank you

  11. yeah, i find it really hard to accelerate as well. 50km/h max, what wrong?

  12. very good mod working well on promods with Russia and Romaian map. AA its ment to be like that rember your driving on snow

  13. TurboTrucker

    How’s North Africa and South Europe looking with this mod? Also snow there?

  14. Thank you,nice and complete winter mod!Thank you!

  15. my truck doesnt go more than 30 km/h ######

  16. This winter mod give the most choices ever seen for this type OF MOD. As with the Eastern express and this mod the speed is much too slow. early in the history of snow mods there was a mod that didn’t slow you down but when it rained or snowed it got slick enough you had to slow down on curves and in snow you didn’t stop on inclines due to you could get going again. I have the impression that braking is used to mimic spin of wheels in snow. Every upgrade causes the makeup of variables to change so that you start from the beginning again.
    It may not be possible to get speed with the loss of traction with this upgrade, but I give satan19990 10 out of 10 stars for this mod. The best of this mod is that you can change from snow back to summer without it causing a change in game graphics as some mods do, sending you back at the starting point with no load again. Satan 19990, your one of the top mod makers to date keep up the good work! really impressed with this mod.

  17. If you want more than 40-50km/h just disable extreme mod.

  18. Thank you satan19990,a really nice winter mod, the best so far. 🙂

  19. Epicdude11

    How do you put the plow on your truck?

  20. satan19990

    Ppl! Pls read “read me” file or read description… There are all explain what to do with mod.
    Physics are bad only in extreme version, this SCS fault I think, I cant change nothing in physics to fix that… So this is in extreme version

  21. Good mode but too bright on the night and the streets just white pleaseeee fix it satan19990

  22. many descripter warnings 🙁

  23. JohnNecirRebellion

    Is it compatible with Truck Sim Map (TSM) with Going East DLC, I know that you helped so much in the TSM.

  24. JohnNecirRebellion

    Merry Christmas Satan19000!

  25. an awesome mod .. I want the days to be longer … and the evening / night 1900 hr / 6:00 hr …. how do I do that … can you help me pleace

  26. Nimeni.Altu

    sorry, but your mod IS A PIECE OF ####!!!
    instead of doing a BIG ####, you can start and doing some REAL WINTER MOD!! ……### man, i have a mod from last year, AND GUESS WHAT?? ….. IS MUCH BETTER THEN YOURS…..
    MY GOSH….

  27. hello
    Since I have the beta patch 1.15 writes the mod some errors .
    00: 00: 07,943 Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘ sky_ambient ‘ of unit ‘ default.nice.sun.02a ‘ (of type ‘ sun_profile ‘) .
    And all that often .
    Would be nice if you could change that.

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