Complete Winter Mod v 2.5.2


Changes in v2.5.2
– Fixed red traffic signals in Netherland
– Fixed Mercedes MP III logo
– AI cars driving with low beam lights
– I added more snowed signs
– Small changes in textures

You can delete now previous patch if you used.

Author: satan19990

DOWNLOAD 11 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 11 MB [Sharemods]

4 Responses to Complete Winter Mod v 2.5.2

  1. yasın says:

    No_bloom ?

  2. flopp says:

    Sometimes sky looks green, please fix

  3. Comstock says:

    Hi Satan,
    with activated CWM 2.5 and 2.5.2, i have only red AI Trailers without
    texture. Please fix it. Thanks

  4. Adrien8322 says:

    Thanks toi very good mod 🙂

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