Complete Winter Mod v 2.5 [FIXED]


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This mod is based on the mod Complete Winter Mod 2.5 by SATAN19990 but it has been adapted to work correctly in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.21 or higher

Changes in this version are:
– Added more traffic
– Change obsolete files by new files
– Other small fixes

Please change previous version 2.5 for this new version. Replaces

– Mod Author: satan19990
– Mod Fixed: H.Trucker (Haweky Trucker)

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42 thoughts on “Complete Winter Mod v 2.5 [FIXED]

  1. have you a video from this fixed version ?

  2. DrunkDriver

    Any winter physics applied?
    Is it raining or snowing?

    1. H.Trucker

      Hi DrunkDriver,

      It is not raining or snowing, it is sleet

      Thanks for you comment 🙂

  3. I cant download it

    1. H:Trucker

      Hi, try another Web browser, I use Google Chrome and I haven´t problem to download the file

      1. Using Firefox 42, no Problems.

  4. Всё отлично, но сделайте дни светлее, слишком уж тёмные, также, если есть возможность, замените дождь на снег. Надеюсь, что вы меня услышали)

  5. H.Trucker

    Here´s the Youtube video:

  6. Pannickus

    Zrobiles fizyke jazdy?!

    Did you make the physic work?!

  7. pl_tv_software

    Complete Winter Mod v 2.5 [FIXED] / Ural 43202 / Orient Express 7.0

    Tested on

  8. This update remove trailer on ai trucks

    1. I confirm, no Trailers on Trucks in AI.
      And the new Trucks (keda, rjl,etc) not in the Vehicle Folder.
      Otherwise it is a fine Map.

  9. dutch scania driver

    its to hot fot winter its 23degrees celsius at day time can you make it to -10 or something its more realistic thank you

  10. H.Trucker

    Hi and thanks for the comments

  11. No ai trailers, why? Nice mod but ai trailers need to be in traffic.

    1. H.Trucker

      Hi Pablo:

      This mod is a weather mod, is not a trailer mod. If you want a trailer mod you can use Trailers and Cargo Pack by JazzyCat or Trailer Pack by Fred_be or other trailer mod.

      Friendly greetings 🙂

      1. Can you tell me please, why in the not fixed Version in the AI all Trailers on Trucks?
        Have a Look please to the Image:

        Just changed the Version to the “unfixed”…

  12. RetroSpectre

    Hey Satan, great work! I have an idea but this is either easier said than done or is not possible at all. I think it would be realistic to make the roads have a “wet” effect like it does when it rains to show that snow was there but has melted from all the heat of the tires from friction and the exhaust melting it essentially making the road slushy/wet.

    1. H.Trucker

      Hi RetroSpectre,

      satan19990 is the author of the mod, but who has modified the mod and corrected the errors I have been I

  13. tyrannix2342

    What little #### with lots of errors

    1. H.Trucker

      Errors? Where? I tested this mod on my version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.21.14s) and it does not cause me any error.

      Are you sure that the errors are not of any other mod that you have?

  14. Video Review mod “Complete Winter Mod v 2.5 [FIXED]”

  15. does it work on promods and scandinavia dlc?

    1. H.Trucker

      Yes it´s work in ProMods, TSM, MHAPro Map EU by MsHeavyAlex and more maps

  16. i start to play with only this mod , on new (clear) profile and my game was crashed! How fix it?

    1. zia azemira

      me too 🙁

    2. H.Trucker

      Hi, this error is of the textures of the mod, I have not modified anything textures, I have only adapted the mod to version 1.21 Euro Truck Simulator 2

  17. Canarinho

    Yes see the Pictures by scooterking, i have the same Bugs. And this are from this Mod. Pls. fix it!!!

  18. does it make the road slippy sombody please tell me

  19. dlaczego na zwykłym winter modzie 2.5 i tym fixem na mapie z moda mnie wywala?

  20. Can you tell me please, why in the not fixed Version in the AI all Trailers on Trucks?
    Have a Look please to the Image:

    Just changed the Version to the \unfixed\…

    1. H.Trucker

      Hello, excuse me, but I don’t understand what you mean about the cargos, I do not see anything unusual. Can you explain it please?.

  21. Here’s another video that you could watch before you download this mod

  22. It’s just bullsh*t! When i use this mods original v2.5 version, game give me no error. But when i use this, everything gonna red. You can look at these pics. When i disabled this mod everything is okay…

    I’m gonna use the original 2.5 version again…

  23. H.Trucker

    Hello red textures that will appear are not of the mod because the mod have not no trailers added and the second photo is of a trailer.

    In addition, I’m testing the mod and I have recorded a video that is on Youtube and I not see any red texture.

    1. But when i deactivated this mod, this red trailer became normal and all red textures in game were gone. So your mod causes these…

  24. how to download this mod ?

  25. I cant download it with any web browser. The download button doesnt appear. Heeelp

  26. Uważaj, żebyś przez nieuwagę nie stworzył czegoś wiekopomnego. 🙂 S. Lec

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