Complete Winter Mod v 3.0

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My next version of winter mod. Mod added many things from real winter like snow bars, snowed road, vegetation and small things like christmas tree, christmas lights, snowmans, snow plows. Just all what you need in winter mod. Mod is splitted to few parts so all can find perfect version to use (more in readme files). Mod will be works with all maps and DLC. Tested and working in v1.26

Changes in v3.0
– Improved mod for 1.26 patch
– I changed the hours of sunrise and sunset
– Added missed snow texture in France
– I Improved extreme version
– More new snow texture
– Fixed errors and warnings


DOWNLOAD 363 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 363 MB [Sharemods]

26 thoughts on “Complete Winter Mod v 3.0

  1. No snow on the roads?

    1. Piratxxx11

      Down, READ and dont talk bullshit!!

  2. Work 1.25?

  3. Great. Works with Promods 2.11. ETS2 1.25

    1. road marking is missing

  4. GRMModding

    does not work on 1.26 no other mods enabled

  5. Warrior96

    Game crash on v1.26.04

    1. Do not use all of the mods at once, it will crash. Only use 1 or 2.

      1. only used the base of the mod and addon…it still crashed the game

    2. Confirmed crashes the game when u respawn ur truck…too bad i want snow nowwww.

    3. JonTheVGNerd

      Same. Crashes as well as it closes down on me without warning.

  6. Piratxxx11

    CRASH… Im tested, ok..but… not drive long trip….NOT DOWN….FAAST not good mod… sry.. Grimes Frosty better 😛

  7. donth forget 1.26 is still a BETA ………there all many things not working………great work thanks

  8. The mod is outdated,
    DAF xf, wheels goodyear, traffic lights in Zurich all in red
    etc etc

  9. At night, I saw +15°C, and some of “hedge” in firm and gas station are green without snow (maybe conflict with ProMods)

  10. Best snow mod updated, means the holiday season is round the corner. a shame I don’t have time to test it

  11. Amazing mode , works fine so far but few things to correct if possible :

    – Lines should be visible on less snow covered and clear roads /highways and streets I believe this shouldn’t be much of a problem to fix
    – Vegetation on roads , on quite some roads and connection roads vegetation appears on the roads
    -Day time…I always have feeling it is down or dusk it never goes completely in to DAY so that should be adjusted.

    I have no other weather mods or maps what so ever , all default except for this winter mode .
    Thanks for the great mode and hope for soon adjustments of this minor problems .

    1. did u play it on 1.25?…bc i dont works for 1.26 lol

      1. yes I play it on latest steam version 1.25.3S..not beta .

  12. Slavek/Славэк

    i see you all really want a snow. But i dont want snow ’cause in my country, Poland, i dont have snow exacly. And untill snow not fall i wont adding winter mod

    1. GRMModding

      to ze ty niechcesz sniegu nieznaczy ze inni nie chca sniegu

  13. Maxymiliang

    Ale super. Nie mam zastrzeżeń do moda. Dzięki Satan 😉

  14. GeneralFord1


  15. Good mod, it would be wonderful if you removed lightning and thunder tho

  16. Why lightning?

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