Complicated roads v1


Paso Stelvio
Cuesta Lipan

How to install:
1) Put the scs file in your mod folder
2) Create a new profile and activate my mod
3) Activate module complicated roads.mbd(not europe.mbd)



17 thoughts on “Complicated roads v1

  1. Interesting and fun to drive in.. Make sure you have a good hp truck, very steep hills, Just done 2 delivers.. Nice to explore 🙂 .. And GPS not working..

  2. where is this and what version discription and video would be nice

    1. I think its spain .. it runs on 1.16.2 … Map crashes a lot in Saltillo.. So, dont drive After Arrefices..

  3. Looks Like a Nice Map 😀
    But Can You Give More Descriptions And Video, Please?

  4. Hello to all.
    It runs with trucksim map 5.4?

    1. goldchass

      No of course.
      Is a standalone map !

  5. АВТОР КАРТЫ !! Уберите пожалуйста с дорог невидимые стены, а то не проехать !

    AUTHOR CARD !! Please remove from the road invisible walls, and do not drive!

  6. goldchass

    Need update !
    Hoping that the author map reads and takes into account our comments…
    – Absent vegetation
    – Speed limit review
    – Dust effects when going into the water to be removed
    – Invisible wall in a tunnel (entrance and exit)
    – Big bug clash with IA (a truck gets stuck in the air and I have been ejected 5m below)

    1. AnimadoMP

      Hello friend, in the next release will be arranged especially since there are problems with some modifications and will be tested .Thanks in advance

  7. Hello.

    I am Korean swing of the Republic of Korea.

    But ah, you click Download. << illegal. Just went straight here.

    She seems you're meant to block the site of me!

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  8. Wow, Truly Fantastic Map. However, Just A Couple Of Things. Quite A Few Invisible Walls, GPS And Some Routes In Job Market That Need Fixing. Fix These And It’ll Be An Even Better Map. Keep Up The Good Work 🙂

  9. Link for Download don´t work!!Alternative please

  10. Hi

    Please, for next release, don’t use this f****** bad sharing website… it’s truely anoying, I really hate sharing websites which impose to use api connexions… especially websites infected of bad scripts like this… have no FB, my gmail is private, and the others, don’t have… and registering on this, lol… I have enough registrations anywhere in the web… stop it lol …

    It’s not against you, just to tell what other people think but don’t say cause I’m pretty sure not to be alone thinking this ^^

    Thank you in advance…

  11. no dealer majectic in this mod? how to fix? pleasee

  12. I found an ivisible wall in a part of the map. (at the end of the desert when it ends the serpentine road there is the wall from paso stelvio to Pirineo)
    i hope you read this

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