Concrete mixer trailer


Tested on 1.11 version.
Standalone trailer with 22 tons cargo.

SCS & Boxcar


7 thoughts on “Concrete mixer trailer

  1. Hello
    Please unlocke the pmd,pmg !
    thank you

  2. nice works on dutch map

  3. juergen89

    “”Der Trailer darf nur mit dem orginal DL Link in anderen Foren hochgeladen werden !!!

    The trailer may only be uploaded with the original DL link in other forums !!!””

    respect it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. File Not Found! Way to go!

  5. #UP Franckypoolplayer original link

    Credits pour le mod essential:
    1. Pete379jp for the real logos of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. 2. lonestranger for the real logo heavy duty equipment. 3. Diago Sofrano a.k.a zeroniner for the real tires manufactures mod. 4. Yusuf Bolukbasi for the Schmitz Trailer logos. 5. LT-Schall for the real gas stations mod.

  6. marcelofs

    Sorry my friend, but the trailer exists in the game, just need to activate.
    Someone already did, the author is VAHID:

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