Containers of real companies 02

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Pack of 12 containers, real companies, also working in traffic, good resolution.
Do not re-upload, thanks



6 thoughts on “Containers of real companies 02

  1. Thanks for trailers.
    You can use the program 7Zip. The file archive “pack_containers_02.7z” has a size of 2.76 mb 🙂

  2. matdom1988

    Respect credits.
    SCS and MDModding

  3. You’re welcome, SlavikSD. I will look at the 7Zip program, what the mod in winrar occupies more because it has higher quality, but I will look at it.

    The container mod is made with the ets2 studio application, I created the skins with the logos … with the MDModding base (which I respect) in the application.
    I did not realize not to include them in the credits, but I will keep it in mind in the following packs

  4. SortingHat

    Which version of this game is it good for?

  5. It’s for all versions

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