Containers of real companies

Pack of 10 containers of real companies, running in traffic.
Don’t re upload, thanks



20 thoughts on “Containers of real companies

  1. Amazing job…thanks!
    Can you make for me one containers 40ft skin with my company logo? I have trailers but i cant make containers…..

    1. You’re welcome.
      Ok, which is your company logo name?

  2. Thanks !!!

    Please see this link…is my trailer.
    I want white container 40 ft if you can make it!

  3. If you want i can send you the logo…..i have it ready….

  4. Of 40 ft I do not know how to modify it, I only have the base of the size that I have created, I’m sorry

    1. Ok make it to this size you have…..thanks…White container please !

  5. How can i send you the logo?

  6. I have done it in the size that I have, but in 40 ft I could not

  7. Ok no problem……thanks! You will upload it?

  8. I’ve uploaded it in the link above.
    I put again the link of the download and the photo:

  9. I have already uploaded your business mod to the web to download it

    1. Thanks my friend! i like it!

  10. The logo Gasnakis is only to the one big side……

  11. I have repeated it to you with the logo only in the big part

  12. Thanks for your help!

  13. You’re welcome

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