Conway Bailey Transport Trailer


– Standalone
– Tested on 1.24x
– Credit to original author for Chereau base

Respect the download link!



3 Responses to Conway Bailey Transport Trailer

  1. zoso says:

    Why did you write to respect the link? but you’re the first one did not respect nobody
    1-Who gave you permission to block this trailer?
    2-where you wrote the credits of the original authors)
    3-these are the original authors: Donovan, Matdom1988, Fred_be (do not allow to block their work)
    4-no teasing this community because there are people here who came before you.
    5-Now remove this theft
    and expect an answer with your reasons

    • BH says:

      Can’t you read! I wrote and i quote “Credit to original author for Chereau base” as it was so old i don’t remember where it came from. That clearly states i didn’t make the trailer and states that other modders did.

      Like to see you releasing stuff, you probably can’t even skin or mod so less of the jumped up attitude!

  2. zoso says:

    certain that I read, but it makes no sense to write if you do not enter the name (otherwise write not know the original authors)
    This is the trailer: Trailer Chereau V1.21 No Speed Limit
    you are free to just block your work and not to block free jobs for all
    I want to remind for the reasons I have mentioned many modders have disappeared.
    I have learned to create the skins studying the free mod of other authors (all manually is has not been easy because ets2studio was not created) Now I see no reason why I should lock the skins.
    I do not speak English I hope you have understood my thought

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