Coronado Detroit DD15 Engines


This mod contains 3x new Detroit DD15 engines with sound and a 12spd Detroit DT12 transmission with a 2.412 diff ratio for the Freightliner Coronado.

Tested on 19.2.1s with this Coronado mod:

Kriechbaum ; FRANK_WOT


4 Responses to Coronado Detroit DD15 Engines

  1. American trucker says:

    Is this a new engine sound?

    • FRANK_WOT says:


      Yes, it does not sound the same as the Detroit Series 60 sound. This sound is not 100% accurate but it sounds a lot like the DD15.

      I took Kriechbaum’ sound for the OM 471 engine of the Mercedes MP4 and combined it with different exhaust brake, gear change sound and turbo.

      For me the DD Series 60 has a very boring sound so thought it would be nice to have the DD15 engine with it’s own sound in the Coronado.

  2. Vedovatto_77 says:

    This mod is awesome!

    The Coronado already was probably my prefered truck, but I didn’t like the “zzziiiiiiii” noise within in the Kriechbaum’ soundmod. With all due respect to Kriechbaum’s serious work on this and other mods, but that sounded like some toy engine.

    Now, with this DD15 mod, driving the Coronado is a pure joy! Makes the truck sounds as it supposed to sound. Now, the Coronado is perfect! (at least for me)

    Great job!

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