Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.2


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Hi, again…
Here is the new version of extreme map/ country map beta mod for ets 2
This map is compatible with 1.9.24-1.10(with this version it was test)

It have just 9.2 mb beacuse winrar make 100mb= with 5mb…pretty nice;)

Is beta soo please if you found some bugs … understand and me…I’m only one…
Version 0.3 will come after one ore two weeks with more city(village)

Please follow the instruction from video 🙂



There is the tutorial for how to make it to work…

16 thoughts on “Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.2

  1. we want this map for 1.11.xx

  2. Female Trucker

    Sorry !! But ! That look’s like far more trouble than it’s worth, make it simpler please?

  3. Works with TSM?

    1. narcis1014


  4. Hi the map doesn’t work on 1.11

    1. narcis1014

      no…it doesn’t work i know

  5. works with TSM map?

    1. narcis1014

      is standalone…look at video…it doesn’t work with tsm

  6. I Like This Map. It’s A Bit Basic At The Moment But Will Be Better With More Cities. Please Update It To Work On v1.11 🙂

    1. narcis1014

      Thx…but I will try to make it for 1.11

  7. please make it work with 1.11

  8. Great Map.. I watiting for V0.3.. What Is Youre Facebook name Mr.Narcis?

    1. narcis1014

      Irfan you can contact me here: I am the admin…

  9. Please Can You Update This Map To Work On v1.11?

    1. narcis1014

      In v0.3 or 0.4 will work

  10. I know you realesed v0.3. I still cannot use ETS2 v1.11

    I wish share the issues I ‘d founded.

    Sorry if someone already tell to you someone of these.

    I try to play 8 times. 4 I had crashes.

    game.log.txt and bugs.txt

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