Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.4


Map just for pro driver

Hi again… I upload this map, you have all instruction&information in arhive, just extract the arhive. Please follow that step.
The map have 10 mb because it’s arhivate with winrar…in reallity it have 150 mb



30 thoughts on “Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.4

  1. is this standalone and will it work with tsm

    1. narcis1014

      why you people just ask if work with athor map? No map is compatible with another map

      1. Not true, romania mod, poland rebuilding, rusmap are compatible with promods, MMG map works with TSM.

      2. it was like I said Narcis-Gabriel.

        Perhaps a large percentage of players are also great enthusiasts and thus, know of the existence of various maps and wish that small maps (add ons) could also be played with others to not have to create a new profile for each map

        Would help if we could have some level of compatibility at least, as did the Russian map, Map Ro …

        Have you the size of the wear and tear that is to create a profile for each map?

      3. Martinchik

        Gabriel, this is not correkt . I drive MHA1.5.1 (Europe ) with the Russia Map1.3 (for Russia) and the NEZ (for ukraine) for testing . All 3 maps have different zones (countrys) and work together .
        And If your map would work with one of the othe maps it woulb be cool to have country roads and specials from one of the other maps .
        That is why people ask .
        Just the russia v1.3 goes to russia and just the NEZ have Ukraine .

        1. Me too,

          It’s possible some level of compability with multiple maps, but need synchronization of versions to use them all together.

          1. narcis1014

            GUYS! STANDALONE MAPS WILL NEVER BE COMPATIBLE WITH ANOTHER. that witch is on europe(original map)of course will be compatible but not always, some texture must to be deleted and a lot of stuff to do soo if you don’t know what mean to do a map don’t comment

  2. Nickbum1 (RUS)

    It is for v.1.10.x or 1.12.x??

    1. narcis1014

      in 3 days will be compatible with 1.12

  3. Does It Work With v1.11 And v1.12?


    Hey!! Remember me? I asked you if you could do Country map for 1.11.1. and here it is. Thanks man.


    And i have a problem to. I extracted the zip folder first. And after that there is a folder within that folder and this other zip folder. What do I do? Extract the zip folder? I put the mod folder in the zip folder? How do I?

    1. put the second zip folder into your mod folder

      1. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

        I try to make that but when i load the a new profile with new map it shows me the normal map of Euro Truck Simulator 2

        1. narcis1014

          You need and this:
          Me or made a mistake

  6. Вообще-то неплохо бы карту выкладывать, а то какой-то \кот в мешке\ получается!

    1. narcis1014


      1. Nickbum1 (RUS)

        It is in Russian 🙂 He had in mind, that need to spread screenshot map.

  7. narcis1014

    million sorry but the guy made a mistake…this is the real link to map:

    1. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

      My game crash´s when i load the map to choose the place for the headquarters ( or something like that )pls help. I have the base and the map. i need something else to make the map work?

  8. george frost

    Hello may I ask where abouts all the country roads are?? Thanks

  9. Solawrath

    This is an excellent map! It could use polish in certain areas, there are definitely bugs around but there’s a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    A bit more petrol stations would be nice!

    All in all, excellent job. Looking forward to how you plan to expand this.

    1. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

      Can you tell me how to install this map? because my game crash when im loading to choose the place for the headquarters. Pls help me

      1. Solawrath

        I installed it the way the author instructed on this page and the readme file. I recently upgraded to 1.12, it seems this version doesn’t support it at the moment.

  10. I install this map but seems to doesn’t work. When i choose my spawn location and start play the map dissappear and Europe map appear.

    1. narcis1014

      You don’t follow the instruction and don’t download evreything what I said. Compatible wiht:1.9.24-1.10

  11. Not work on 1.14

  12. How I can install that map? … i don’t find any folders in ETS2 with that name … please, help! 🙁

  13. roocky boy

    is not work what happenig?

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