Crafter By Huseyin Karadana

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Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI

Credits:Huseyin Karadana
Helps:Huseyin Ulken , Mert Kerem Belen
Too Many Modified Parts
6 Front Bumpers
2 Rear Bumpers
4 Grill
6 Wheel
And More….
Yapımcı: Hüseyin Karadana
Yardımlar:Hüseyin Ülken,Mert Kerem Belen

Modifiye Parçları

6 Ön Tampon
2 Arka Tampon
4 Panjur
6 Jant
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Huseyin Karadana


8 thoughts on “Crafter By Huseyin Karadana

  1. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. Diablo,+stop+making+videos+with+your+sh*tty+computer.


    1. derek pls shut up…

  3. dereke. no one is forcing you to watch my video download without watching greet

  4. Hüseyin Karadana


    1. scs dosyasının sifreyi verirmsin xenon takacam bide depo ayarını degistirmek istiyorum

    2. Stephan Raphael RAKOTOMALALA

      hello can you tell me if it is possible the password of the crafter 2.5 l file please? I would like to adapt it for 1.40

  5. scs dosyasının şifresini alabilirmiyim motoruyla oynamak istiyorum

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