Crane Parts trailer v1


In next update everything will be fixed

Nikola Kostovski, Robertas14


8 thoughts on “Crane Parts trailer v1

  1. My Respect for your Works! They’re all so Great!:))

  2. Looks great! But I can;t seem to find it anywhere… I don’t see def files in the mod so it’s nt a standalone. So wich one should it replace?

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      Krone Profiliner

      1. Thanks, I did not know you have to select the trailer at the company gate to be able to see it.

  3. I see the truck fenders go through the trailer floor… Is that going to be fixed? I really like this one

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      It will be fixed everything,add parts that is missing (defs,rear lights,Pallet Models) All the stuffs…
      So in next update there will be more realistic model,color of the cranes,color and shape of pallets..
      And other Fixes..

      1. nice!

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