Crane trailer

Authors: Roadhunter, Streetsurfer1962


16 thoughts on “Crane trailer

  1. its not working

  2. This ###### mod destroyed my whole game. I can’t start it up anymore with or without this mod in the mod folder !!!!!!!!!!!! What schould I do now?????????

    1. tu-eres-estupido-idiota

      Hahaha loser… that’s why you read the comments first ###### .You read the comments to see how many ####### tested it.If the ####### had their game crash then you don’t download.My god you’re a handicap poo pusher

      1. Stop calling people names for your own stupidity! He was the first one to comment…

        Let me guess. You’re a fourteen year old kid that only bullies people online and think no-one will find out who you are. Until tha day comes you #### off the wrong people. I hope that day will come soon for you.

        1. Freddy Jimmink

          Another senceless “fight” here! Is this kindergarden 2.00??


          Freddy Jimmink

          1. What did you say? Fourteen year old child? He’s not a fourteen year old, he’s too childish for that. I am fourteen, don’t insult me.

  3. kim van craeijnest

    dude don’t be mad just uninstal the game en instal it again

  4. crashes my game every time. I mange to see it in the freight list, but the game can’t generate the avatar of it, and CTD’s.

  5. I agree 100% with nailz

    ALWAYS make a manual backup copy or two of the savegame…
    at least that way if the latest mod you add crashes the game you can swap out the save and be gaming again faster,

    sadly a LOT of mods now are conflicting with other mods..

    the only way you can tell if the mod will really work at all to make a NEW mod folder,,and ONLY have the new mod file scs in it..

    you of course have to save your current mod folder to a safe location temporarily.. while you swap mod folders around.

    BUT even should the mod ” in this case this crane trailer thing ” actually work…there is ZERO assurances that it will work in your mormal mod folder…as its likely having issues with another installed mod..

    THIS will ALWAYS be the case…and it happens in EVERY game that allows mods to be used..

  6. Angry Martin!!!

    OKAY!!! NOW im pissed!!!

    My game crashes!!!!

    with or wothout mods in .-.-

    The creater of this mod should comment what we should do NOW!!!!!

    AND NO i don’t reinstall my game, because then i need to start on new, and now im in level 68!!! so NO!!

    SO NO im not reinstalling my game and loose my mods and savegame!!!

    SO someone find a solution to this now!

  7. Phoenix2002

    Crashes game and since it’s locked there’s nothing we can do to fix it.
    Ppl should test these things better before releasing them, tried it without any other mods so it’s definitely bad.

  8. it’s not the game thats doofed Martin, only your career. by adding the mod and playing, the game adds the trailer to the possible cargoes, pull it out and the game is still looking for it. If your lucky you may be able to revert to a save from before you added it. otherwise its start again time…

  9. Strama Duong

    Very nice mod…I still use it normally…after copy this mod to mod folder, it will not show immediately…lets complete 2-3 shipments, then it will show…& everyboy can play normally (the game will not crash) ^^ Thanks to Roadhunter, Streetsurfer1962

  10. Johan Wiqvist

    This mod works perfectly and is very well done.

    I found this mod on another place with another download link and have used it for some time, without any crashes.

    So you guys who state that this mod do not work are wrong. It must be this download link or your set up’s which are not correct. Try to find another download and you will have a great mod.

    The only negative I have to say about it is that you get payed too much, ie Plymouth – Wien is 220k and Hannover – Lyon 135 k. If this was lower so is the mod perfect.

  11. link is invalid admin 🙂

  12. Francisco

    What versions does this mod work for? PLease Respond

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