Crash Barrier Reflector Mod v1.0 Updated


Download Crash Barrier Reflector Mod v1.0
Author: DieseL [Yusuf B.]
Tested Version: 1.3.1

What new:
Some bugs fixed, new download link added. Video added. Pictures fixed and updated.


10 Responses to Crash Barrier Reflector Mod v1.0 Updated

  1. szetland2013 says:

    Placed on the road point of red reflective determine the right edge of the roadway.
    The left edge of the roadway and lanes may be marked with dotted reflectors are white or yellow.

  2. szetland2013 says:

    Umieszczone na jezdni punktowe elementy odblaskowe barwy czerwonej wyznaczaja prawa krawędź jezdni.
    Lewa krawędź jezdni oraz pasy ruchu moga być oznaczone punktowymi elementami odblaskowymi barwy białej lub żółtej.

  3. HoralkaEU says:

    Hey man! Great mod! I have only one small request? Could you make the delineators reflect too? That would be AWESOME!

  4. Phoenix says:

    Hi, I downloaded your mod and the reflectors don’t reflect the light on any roads there on.

  5. shadow says:

    why not yellow ?but it’s really good

  6. James fisher says:


  7. tomo123 says:

    mohli by ste zrobit aj odrazky na pätniky tak ako su v skandinavii

  8. WitcherPL says:

    PLEASE FOR 1,27 game verssion

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