Crazy Horns V1.26 (Fix for ATS)

Fix for ATS standard truck
It is available in ETS2 and ATS.

This mod contains:

Bullhorn with and without Mhuu sound
Red Scrambler with Bitonal sound
Red Scrambler with Cucaracha sound
Red Scrambler with Hazzard sound
Red Scrambler with River Kwai Toeter sound
Red Scrambler with il Sorpasso sound

Can be placed on the following parts:

– Roofgrill
– Bullbar
– Bottomgrill
– Beacon

– Horns
– Cablfares
– Topflares

Bullhorn version 1.0 model by maxx2504.

by Maury, maxx2504


One thought on “Crazy Horns V1.26 (Fix for ATS)

  1. Young-Gamer

    Guys, if you haven’t already tried these horns you really should. Definitely adds a lot of fun to the game. If you want to hear them before you download, check out this video (crazy horns is after realistic suspension):

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