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Cummins ISX Sound Mod for Peterbilt 389 Truck

The archive comes with two mods, one “normal” like on the video, and a “lowered” one, in this one, the turbo and air gear change are lowered by 50-60%

Author: Kriechbaum


35 thoughts on “Cummins ISX Sound Mod

  1. Very good friend…

    1. kriechbaum

      Exemple of a Cummins open pipe

  2. kriechbaum

    Thanks mate 😉

  3. Now!!! that my friend is an awesome sound. Top Notch

  4. Glad to see the ‘pie eatin fly’ is back as well as the best sound man in the business. The shiftin sound is better like this for the american trucks and another 10 out of 10 star rating has been granted from the gear jammin fool in Texas. keep im commin and im downloadin em all.

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you all. Very glad to see you here James !!!

  5. Sounds beastly. 😉

    What version of the 389 mod are you using?

    1. kriechbaum

      The stadart version 2.0 available here. It’s not the modified version.

  6. DarkXBlaze

    wow this sounds like my friends truck. good work!

  7. gracias se se oye genial 🙂

  8. can right-hand and how many hp?

  9. kriechbaum

    Nope. And 550hp.

  10. for kriechbaum my friends, how to lower truck peterbilt 379 can you make it, because it’s too high from road. when i used peterbilt 389 too weight for my computer, that’s way i prefer to use peterbilt 379, perhaps you can help me, thanks friends.

  11. kriechbaum

    Yes, i’ll do it Miquel.

    1. kriechbaum

      Here it is, same sound, but for the Pet 379

  12. looks and sounds great. just one thing. i been looking all over the web for a working 18 speed transmission for the us trucks in the game but cant find eny that works with the newest update. does enyone here know where i can find it, realy whant to drive us trucks in the game again

  13. Oh mister Grosskotz is come back.
    The administrator of this site waits for you again. You can weep again like a softie, you sucker!

    1. kriechbaum


      1. behind your facade lies an evil character, mister “Small #####”…

        1. kriechbaum

          Yes bro 😉

  14. Kriechbaum, this is your best sound mod yet!

  15. kriechbaum

    Thanks friend.

  16. Hello kriechbaum im jd and i wonder if you will make this sound for the pete 389 v4 modified truck? i hope so thanks. greetings from holland .

  17. kriechbaum

    Hello, it works for the modified truck. I did try it yesterday. I think, you should buy an another engine in the shop, and be sure my sound mod is loaded after the truck in the mod’s list.

    See you.

    1. Yes it works with the 550 hp engine thanks greetings

  18. Always the best, Maestro!

    1. Really nice sound, love the jake brake. Any chance of getting a Detroit 60 series sound for his truck? Or where you can change engines from cummins, detrioit, and catipillar?

      1. Hi Jk
        The 3.2 version of the 389 has 3 different Engine: DD series60, CAT C-15 and Cummins ISX, the sounds were an older version of Kriechbaum mod but unfortunately you cannot modify the turbo whistle volume that IMHO was a little to high in that mod.

  19. kriechbaum

    Currently this truck does not have multiples engines sounds. Later i’ll make a pack.

    1. You said earlier you use the 2.0 version of the truck, will your engines show up for the 4.0 version or only 2.0?

      1. kriechbaum

        this sound mod also works for the modified 4.0 version.

  20. Hayalet26

    Excellent mod.Thank you kriechbaum.

  21. thanxs kriechbaum my friend, you make sound for pete 379….i appreciate for your concern,my friend once again can you help me to setting the truck pete 379 the body chassis became lower,i think it’s too high. thank you.

  22. Modsbyrob

    Krech, this one sounds more like a CAT than it does a Cummins. I’ve ridden in a couple Petes and I can tell you that this is what they sound like with a CAT under the hood, the Cummins (usually an N14 or ISX) sounds different.

  23. JohnNecirRebellion

    They hate So much Loud Turbo, so my Update mod has less Turbo Volume.

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