Cummins sound for the Peterbilt 379


This new Peterbilt 379 isn’t bad.
So, i decided for the american trucks users, to improve the engine’s

That done, it has my Cummins sound now.

Works fine on it.
Also, the speedometer/tachometer are accurate now.

The truck isn’t from me, i just have done improvements.

It’s a All in One and ready to use, the sound is already in the
truck’s mod.




17 thoughts on “Cummins sound for the Peterbilt 379

  1. kriechbaum

    Also added a 18 gears box too.

  2. You can also make a sound mod for the Freightliner Classic 120 …… nice sound … thanks

  3. kriechbaum

    Yes, here it is : the Freightliner 120 classic, with my Cummins sound, and a 760hp engine, with 18 gears.

    See u.

    1. Scaniadriver

      great man but…..for 1.7.1???
      greets scaniadriver

      1. kriechbaum

        Yes of course, works on 1.7

        See U.

    2. No horn sound the Freightliner 120 classic!

    3. anon1010010011

      very good – thank you soo much for all the content you bring!

  4. can you make it for the peterbilt 386 to ?

    its a nice sound thanks

  5. kriechbaum


    The Peterbilt 386 is in fact the 387. It’s a mistake of the name.

    I already have done the Peterbilt 387, it has my Cummins sound. It’s available on this site.

    See U.

    1. DrunkDriver

      Could you make some retarder sounds too?
      Every time there is a super cool truck sound,retarder sound is just a simple beeeep.It would be great to have that sound realistic as engine sound.


      If you’re talking about THAT 386, it IS a Pete 386.


    can you make a scania plate in the cabin please

  7. this mod is sound but I got a little problem I find that the camera angle is wrong for the drivers door mirror. I need to turn to left a bit to see through it. and I cant change the truck colour.

  8. thanks for the sound mod: the Freightliner 120 classic and the Peterbilt 379

  9. if it is not too much to ask. please make a peterbilt 359 sound mod
    you make the best sound mods

  10. Some other issue I have… kills all the other trucks in traffic!

  11. Thank you 🙂

    I test now !

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