Cuppen Transport Combo (Scania R & Kogel Trailer)

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Respect my Work, dont edit filles, keep the link orgnial, dont upload on other sides

Thanks and have Funn 😀

-Required mods
-Kögel Trailer:
-Scania front paint:
-Scania Window paint:

Skin: [CargoTLN]Lukas (CH)


4 thoughts on “Cuppen Transport Combo (Scania R & Kogel Trailer)

  1. ATTENTION !!!
    All Links to the Mods are no more active.
    Nearly everybody knows, that Matdom makes now ONLY Payware.

    [CargoTLN]Lukas (CH) you should be informed before using old Links !

  2. [CargoTLN]Lukas(CH)

    Hey JoachimK, I can say it 100times, THIS MODS ARE NOT PAYWARE AND NOT FROM MATDOM, they are from MD modding, and all players who play on 1.30 can use this mods to get the truck painted. i know the links are not the Newest but i use it aswell and i can say, 100% working with no problems, so why dont let me share the guys what mods i use for the skin 🙁

    PS: JoachimK dont take it personaly 😉

    1. Please check out the Links as me yesterday.
      Result: Not File found
      I have also the Versions from your Links, but before he was deleted the Mods.
      We had a long Discussion on FB and I can understand him now.

      MDModding = Matdom !!! Have a Look on Facebook.

      He´s stopping the Publishing for nothing because are too much Thiefs and Mod Hackers.

      No, I do not take it personally. 🙂

  3. [CargoTLN]Lukas(CH)

    I AM Sorry my false, you true links dont work sry sry sry

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