Currency Pack v 1.0

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Version 1.0
Updated default currency rates and added 16 new currencies which are listed below.
•Canadian Dollar
•Mexican Peso
•Australian Krona
•Indian Rupee
•Sinapore Dollar
•Japanese Yen
•Chinese Yuan Renminbi
•Bulgarian Lev
•Isle of Man Pound
•Croatian Kuna
•Icelandic Kuna
•Moldovan Leu
•Romanian Leu
•Serbian Dinar
•Russian Ruble
•Ukrainian Hryvnia

If there is a currency you would like to see let me know.



15 Responses to Currency Pack v 1.0

  1. wallis says:

    Hello, please add the Brazilian currency.

  2. José Lauro says:

    Brazil – Real

  3. justsomeguy says:

    Turkish Liras would be cool, Turkey is close to Europe

  4. AshtheBarron says:

    United States – Dollar

    • ryanclark1995 says:

      It actually is in the mod I just forgot to put it in the description.

  5. ismo says:

    macedonia – denar i think

  6. KAMENOKO says:

    Taiwan (Republic of China) – New Taiwan dollar

  7. aussie dollar says:

    australian dollar would be better than aus.krona

    • ryanclark1995 says:

      it is Australian Dollar…it was a typo in the description

  8. SeoryeongEagles says:

    Republic of Korea (South Korea) – South Korean Won

  9. marta jessica says:

    falto a moeda real do brasil

  10. marta jessica says:

    moeda real do brasil

  11. Aman Gupta says:


  12. Shafwandito says:

    Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)

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