Currency pack V2


Updated the previous with these:
Swedish SEK
Indian INR
Argentina ARS
Japan JPY (ingame: Yen instead of ¥, because the game doesnt support
Romanian RON
Saudi Arabian SAR (same as Japan, letters instead of a symbol)
Australian AUD

Removed Latvian LVL, because they use Euros now.

If i missed some, post it in the comments



13 thoughts on “Currency pack V2

  1. houssem algeria

    please dzdinar algerian

  2. Thank you to prepare the Japanese Yen
    Have used carefully from now

  3. Where to put it if I have the steam version? Thanks for adding swedish. 🙂

    1. As any other mod, to mod folder, activate it in game, then go to Options>Game options and at the bottom, select Display currency.

  4. Yea, thanks. Im lost. I have scs open auto with rar so i get confused. I just didnt look at the end on your name on the file. 😛

  5. You Might add to Uruguayan currency?.


  6. Can you add Hong Kong dollar?(HKD)(about 1 HKD=0.093 EUR)


  7. Thanks for adding them! 😀

  8. new zealand dollar (NZD) please

  9. Please, add Bulgaria (BGN)

  10. Yes please add Bulgarian

  11. please add USD United States Dollar 1 dolloar= .74 euro

  12. hai bro… can i get the malaysia currency.. we call RM last time i have but i forgot where i take the mod…. thanks….

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