Custom 90 Tons Trailer for Multiplayer


This is a custom trailer with 90 tons
Go in singleplayer, activate the mod, take the trailer, go in a safe zone (non collisions zone) , save the game, exit, enter on multiplayer and enjoy 🙂

Do not reupload.

Author: KiLLeR Modding


5 Responses to Custom 90 Tons Trailer for Multiplayer

  1. Zoltán Kiss says:

    Hy, I tried this mod but when I put the trailer on in single and go back to multiplayer the weight goes back to normal not stay in 90t. Is this ok or not please help

    • Ka Hong Lam says:

      it is normal that the weight change after you go back to mutiplayer.

  2. Ka Hong Lam says:

    please, it was too heavy
    please decrease it’s weight

  3. Chris says:

    nice, can you make an 150 ton version? xD

  4. Fox says:

    Doesnt work….. When I go into MP it says it re-parked the truck in a safe zone because it detected some new save #### or whatever it said… help. -.-

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