Custom 90 Tons Trailer for Multiplayer


This is a custom trailer with 90 tons
Go in singleplayer, activate the mod, take the trailer, go in a safe zone (non collisions zone) , save the game, exit, enter on multiplayer and enjoy 🙂

Do not reupload.

Author: KiLLeR Modding


5 Responses to Custom 90 Tons Trailer for Multiplayer

  1. Zoltán Kiss says:

    Hy, I tried this mod but when I put the trailer on in single and go back to multiplayer the weight goes back to normal not stay in 90t. Is this ok or not please help

  2. Ka Hong Lam says:

    please, it was too heavy
    please decrease it’s weight

  3. Chris says:

    nice, can you make an 150 ton version? xD

  4. Fox says:

    Doesnt work….. When I go into MP it says it re-parked the truck in a safe zone because it detected some new save #### or whatever it said… help. -.-

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