Custom Chassis for Mercedes Actros 2014 ETS2 1.40

This was started as a private project of mine a week ago. But now I have decided to share it.
A custom chassis for Mercedes Actros 2014 truck for hauling modular trailer. I used the bodywork model from a discontinued project from XBS which I liked very much. Unfortunately, he is not active in the frum since last August. So I couldn’t ask him for permission to use the model. But if he wants his model to be removed I will replace it with another model of mine. A trailer is also WIP, which will be added in the trailer section in the future.

No DLC is required but there will be some missing parts if you don’t have the following DLC:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Actros Tuning Pack DLC
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Heavy Cargo Pack DLC
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Special Transport DLC

Known Issue: Some paint job doesn’t fit well with this chassis.

Chassis: SCS Software,
Bodywork model: XBS,
Moded into Actros: Ghost_99.


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5 thoughts on “Custom Chassis for Mercedes Actros 2014 ETS2 1.40

  1. Heavy Hauler

    I like the idea, very much. But what’s the point if there is no trailer to be pulled yet? xD

  2. willy1962

    thanks for this beauty.
    I hope the trailer (s) come in the near future.

  3. looking forward to the trailer 😍

    I hope the ability to haul any existing rigid trailer is already there ?

  4. Ramdiesau

    Meine Fresse lasst euch doch nicht verarschen diese mod wurde wieder hochgeladen macht mal die Console auf und schaut rein 1 chassi und das ding ist kaputt

  5. Can you make please a Rolls Royce Phantom , Cullinan , Ghost , Wraith , Dawn , Black Badge ?

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