Custom Scania Sideskirts

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Custom sideskirts for the Scania RS by RJL.
Suitable for every short 6xx chassis, 8xx chassis and 10xx chassis.
Template available here:
To equip the sideskirts you’ll have to change the fueltanks to “No fueltanks”. Now you can equip the sideskirts from the sideskirt slot.

If you find any bugs, please let me notice it so I can fix it. (Via Steam or the SCS Forum)

Authors: CrazyGijs & Abasstreppas


5 Responses to Custom Scania Sideskirts

  1. zizu says:

    Please make for DAF 50K

  2. Asgaard says:

    Please for Scania RJL 4×2 chassis.

  3. Tcabber25 says:

    does this work with T cabs Aswell?

  4. robert askin says:

    could you make square fuel tanks on the two types of side skirts.

  5. Jacob de Vries says:

    Also can you make it for the scs Scania R

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