Cute Samsung Galaxy

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cute samsung galaxy
Tested on 1.30.
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link.
Installation :
Copy the …..scs to Folder Mod



4 thoughts on “Cute Samsung Galaxy

  1. “Cute Samsung Galaxy”
    Nice… or so.
    However, no clue ### this thing actually does.

    Dude, in all honesty: do you ever read your own posts?
    You keep plastering the forum’s with your stuff for the past week or so but not ONCE do you provide any explanation or even a hint as to what any of you’re so called mod’s actually do.

    Sure, some of them are self-explanatory, but most of your stuff makes no sense at all.

    Take this very mod here:
    Is this just another ‘eye-candy’ one can stick somewhere inside a cab,
    does it actually serve any function?
    (other then just show you yet another GPS screen).

    Don’t get me wrong: your ideas are novel, but without any description… they’re useless as one can only guess what they do.

    Speaking of which: What are the actual “Moderators” of this site doing? Are you just here to look out for inappropriate language or do you guys actually serve a more useful function?

    Sorry about the rant, but enough is enough.

    1. Amen bro

  2. your mods are #### and do not work anyway!!!!

  3. Arthur Vince

    picomac / mikojub the same guy who posting and uploading garbage mods only to troll this ets2 page

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