Czech Transport Companies Trailer Skin Pack


10 Czech Transport Companies Skins for Schwarzmüller Trailer
Replaces AeroDynamic

Author: redoper


7 thoughts on “Czech Transport Companies Trailer Skin Pack

  1. paradni,už se stahuje a hraje.

  2. nice but you must update trailer and cargo for v1.14.xx

    1. It’s working for me, maybe mod collision.

  3. erenyazici

    nice skinpack but link doesn’t work please alternate link

  4. CZ: hurá, konečně něco českého 😀 jsem šťastný, díky.
    EN: hooray, finally anything Czech 😀 I’m happy, thanks.

  5. Promiňte, že se ozývám až teď, ale už neplánuji (alespoň v dohledné době) tento pack upravovat.
    Sorry to not hear anything from me until now, but I wanted to say you that I don’t planning (at least in the close future) to update this pack.

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