CZ/SK addon Map v 2.0

CZSK addon Map (1) CZSK addon Map (3) CZSK addon Map (2)

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The map contains additional cities Czech and Slovak Republics game ETS2.

Are necessary for the functioning of the DLC East and Scandinavia, map does not work without them.

Installing accessory at your own risk.
The map is locked, subsequent updates maps deliver as complete.

Authors: SCS, FLD, Vlasta Vasicek, Luke Bunting, Peter Voltr, Roman71, PetrCZE, Standa


36 thoughts on “CZ/SK addon Map v 2.0

  1. Maximka.L

    oOOoo0o!!! ###! Amazing! Unbelievable cool, great, epic map, thank you so much!

  2. Piratxxx11

    More info to oficial page autor :

  3. Does this map work with ProMods + Poland Rebuilding?

    1. да работает.

      1. Speak english fgt

      2. Speak english , ‘tard

      3. AshtheBarron

        Game crashes to desktop when I go to job market (PROmods v1.96 + Poland Rebuilding Map v1.96.1).

        1. AshtheBarron, you have to:
          1. Download the .def from the FB fanpage and replace your old ProMods .def with the new one.
          2. Activate the mod IN BETWEEN ProMods and Poland Rebuilding, so that it looks like this:
          Poland Rebuilding
          CZSK Addon Map

          Works like a charm like this.

    2. Maximka.L

      He said: ”Yes”

  4. Shame it not works with 1.18. 🙁

  5. Super addon map!

  6. I need a new profile?

    1. no. works fine fine for me.

  7. Looks awesome ! But what about adding Ústí nad Labem :p ?

    1. Piratxxx11

      Because not..ok? see official page, before asking….

  8. Dančus86

    pecka! vynikající mapa, jsem za ní rád

  9. skvělí nápad,jen se chci zeptat-bylo by možno spárovat s TSM mapou ?

  10. Awesome map of the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia, great addition to the game, but doesn’t work on either known maps like Promods, TSM or MHA EU Map, maybe it will work on the stock map from SCS Software.

    Making this addon compatible with the most famous maps would be highly appreaciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. Map works with promods and poland rebuilding. Just make sure this map has highest priority.

      1. Tried, but game keeps crashing… If I put it with highest priority it won’t crash but won’t work either…

  11. dnes najeté první kilometry v ” Čechách ” a mapa je NAPROSTO SKVĚLÁ !!!!!!!!

  12. Vlasta Vasicek

    map work with promods 1.96 , but you need my modify promods.def …
    with poland rebuilt work not … because They used the same border labor sectors …

    all info on official site. read info in mod panel in game …

    1. It DOES work with Poland Rebuilding actually, at least for me. Just need to keep this order:
      Poland Rebuilding
      This map

  13. VlastaVasicek

    the basic problem …. nobody counted on the fact that someone will build Czech map .. Our country has sectors near frontier too… unfortunately the same uses as poland rebuilt and tsm … because with them the map can not work .. overwritten each other

    Promods simple … deleted plzen.sii … from city.def … or used my update promods def from oficial site … …

    poland rebuild tested … .. fault in the connection roads to towns near the border with the Czech … from my side of the road the original ..

  14. crash while enter truck dealer i use
    promods 196
    rusmap 151

    can you make it work ? really like ur map

  15. Excellent job guys! Thank you for sharing. Works perfect in 1.19.2 with following maps: EAA Bus map or EAA map, MHA, Russian open spaces, Rus map, Baltic countries, Scandinavia map, Turkey map (this one, unfortunately, has some missed prefabs, but, for fun, works).
    Unfortunately, crash with TSM map. I suppose they share the same sectors in CZ.
    Once again, congratulations guys and keep up the great and hard work.

  16. Not work , with pro mods map .

  17. Very nice, except 1 thing: The GPS is disabled, and I want it enabled. So please, if any don’t want it enabled, make one version with GPS enabled.

  18. Please please reupload in another host sharemod don´t download in south america when the download is 99.9 stop i try in diferent browsers, jdownloader Sharedmods and upload is a pain in the ### in southamerica so many people can`t enjoy your work please reconsidered mega or mediafire thank u.

  19. @Vlasta


    I would like to become the def/city-files for my minoritiy and forgotten-projekt as seperate mod:
    Version 2 .

    Version 1


  20. Tried your suggested order, crashes immediately upon clicking Job Market! Tried moving it around, i.E… Pro Mods 1st and or last with CZSK in everyplace conceivable still crashes, the only time it’s stable is if it is removed. The only time I can see the added cities is when it is above Pro Mods but again it is unstable. I just reinstalled ETS2 with all add on’s and also has the Hot fix for Pro Mod’s, could the hot fix be a problem?

  21. rrrman: I have also crash on job market. Fix for crash job market is to remove mod if you have for AI Traffic/density or speed mod or if you have mod Multiple Al Traffic from thalken.

    Thanks for the nice map addon…good work..
    video test:

  22. Actually works like a charm with the stock SCS map of Europe, will be testing with other more detailed maps soon, and will try to use the correct priority mod order while testing in combination with Promods map latest version.

    This addon rocks.

  23. Majk_Cajk

    This is very good mod, because im from Czech republic and I live nearly the Budweis (České Budějovice). 😀

  24. Love watching sunset !

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