D-tec Combi Trailers


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Tested on 1.15.x version

Author: Peerke145



27 thoughts on “D-tec Combi Trailers

  1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks 🙂

  2. pulverine

    THX !!!

  3. Mathoslav

    I know i am ##### but what replace or standalone?

    1. standalone and many errors

  4. вован84

    ребята можно вас попросить сделать такой же прицеп…но только без этой средней тележки…двух-остной по середине…и с возможностью такой же различных контейнеров как на этом …и трех-осная тележка были колеса друг с другом рядом…заранее спасибо…ВОВАН84 И ГЛАВНОЕ ЧТОБ ОН БЫЛ АВТОНОМНЫМ КАК ЭТОТ…

    1. TALK ENLIGSH YOU ###### RUSSIAN….!!!

      1. ENGLISH!!

      2. Slow down dude lol…

        If it wasn’t for the Russians…

        We wouldn’t have Vodka!

  5. Good work but U have to fix an error, there’s a black line getting out from all trailers on the right side near the front wheels, U can see it in the youtube video U posted

    1. You mean the pole for the front jack?

  6. Hello,please you can do d-tec flexitrailer always standalone?thanks!

  7. Its a nice pack but i cant find them in the job market

  8. Loading company data ….
    00:00:07.396 : Resources load time: 1050ms (12 MB)
    00:00:07.397 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started ….
    00:00:08.324 : Map successfully loaded.
    00:00:08.351 : Map load time: 953ms (72 MB)
    00:00:08.364 : Loading save ‘/home/profiles/4F75746C6177/save/autosave/game.sii’
    00:00:09.835 : Road network navigation caching started.
    00:00:17.058 : Road network navigation caching finished.
    00:00:17.085 : Garage update started.
    00:00:17.312 : Garage update finished.
    00:00:17.319 : Economy load time: 10972ms (39 MB)
    00:00:19.589 : Create actor: (70 MB)
    00:00:19.636 : Game init finished. (195 MB)
    00:00:33.926 : ui t console:system_02
    00:00:35.475 : ui t console:system_02
    00:13:06.100 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/4F75746C6177/save/autosave_drive/game.sii) …
    00:13:06.107 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:18:21.832 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/4F75746C6177/save/autosave_drive/game.sii) …
    00:18:21.839 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:25:36.036 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/4F75746C6177/save/autosave_drive/game.sii) …
    00:25:36.043 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:26:18.722 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/dtec_combi5/trailer.pmg’ with size 33149012
    00:26:21.360 : Rear wheel model instance 4 is missing for chassis ‘chassis.trailer.dtectrailee’, expect crash.
    00:26:21.360 : Rear wheel model instance 5 is missing for chassis ‘chassis.trailer.dtectrailee’, expect crash.

  9. сделайте все колёса одинаковые!!!!

  10. Сделайте пожалуйста одинаковые колёса

  11. Ristimaa_HD

    I do not find them in the missions!

  12. I have had this for 6 months now it will show up it’s standalone so you have to sleep a few times before it shows up and have yet to have it crash a game

  13. FryslanBoppe

    Please make the small white line round te wheels black or a other collor. If you close look to the trailer it is good, but if you see far away, it looks not really well.
    Sorry for my bat english.

  14. For thosewho crash the game using this mod : add the 3rd axe to chassis ”dtectrailee”

  15. THX Perfekt 14.2 x

  16. because this trailer pack
    giving this error in my game
    is not in the missions no charge … or more companies appear on the map
    can someone give me a hand please ..?

    1. Hachemaxkiller

      Me too 🙁

  17. when i try to extract, it says part of this file is broken the file will now be named corrupt data…… Please help

    1. redownload mate

  18. Cringe331

    works on 1.32?

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