D-Tec Flexi Trailer


By HomerS

Game: 1.26

Credits: SCS,FCHris,Jani-7,Molotov,DonaldBoy,Bora

Standalone Trailer

AO Texture
Lamp Mask
Animated Brace
Game License Plate
New Cargo Weight

Cargo: Empty
1×20 – 47 skins
1×40 – 47 skins
2×20 – 47 skins
tank – 10 skins
1×45 – 10 skins
1×40 OpenTop – 10 skins



5 thoughts on “D-Tec Flexi Trailer

  1. Gary Senker

    One of the best trailer packs around. Thank you Homer.

    However, I keep getting a crc error when extracting the file. I’ll keep trying.

    1. Gary Senker

      I think you need to re-upload Homer. The file seems broken.

  2. Link is OK, I download on test and no problem

  3. Gary Senker

    The link is good. The file is not. When I extract it I get an error 🙂

    1. Gary Senker

      Sorry I was wrong. My download failed twice. Just bad luck, sorry for the trouble

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