D-tec pack 2.0


new pack of trailers d-tec 2.0 standalone
It includes 13 trailers
compatible with dlc scandinavia
trailers included in traffic

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16 Responses to D-tec pack 2.0

  1. Nico says:

    Many errors and they look like made of plastic..

    • miguelangel988 says:

      thanks I not publish anything more here do not appreciate the hard work

      • matheus says:

        well man, you need to accept the critics, them being good or not when you make things public on internet…

      • Milan1NL says:

        Hmm.. Nico , he is doing hard work..


        If you have new update’s for this trailerpack , you can send my. Its a very nice trailerpack :). email: [email protected] 😉

      • Maximka.L says:

        What are you talking about ? Nico did not want to insult you, he is right: textures is bad (very bad) and I agree with it, so you shouldn’t shout: …I not publish anything more here do not appreciate the hard work….

      • MP7 says:

        We appreciate the hard work, but he’s right, the textures aren’t the best. You can improve your mod now you have feedback.

  2. fredy says:

    Please, repair errors, textures, axles, and will be a great mod.

  3. fsxdude04 says:

    crashes when I go into job market but it looks really cool so thanks for that! 🙂

  4. Nico says:

    Miguel, it’s not that hard to make good textures.
    If you want nice words then make nice mods, criticism is excellent for progress.

  5. Outlaw says:

    ugly ……so ugly. That blue is …….

  6. Evox says:

    Nico is right the 1st D-Tec was better, and NOT in traffic please

  7. Sca says:

    Nice pack dude
    Wait v3. thanks

  8. kaleu57 says:

    Ok miguelangel988,
    so we have D-Tec Pack 1 with many Errors in Log-File.
    Now we have D-Tec Pack 2 with ugly textures.
    Maby D-Tec Pack 3 will fit.
    Keep up the work….

  9. tierama says:

    hey, maybe the texture is bad but.. the 4 axle trailer is nice, maybe you make some 4 axle flatbed trailers??

    greetz from tierama

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