D-tec pack standalone v1


Compatible with dlc scandinavia
Trailer and wheel standalone
the trailer is not in the traffic

version tested



9 Responses to D-tec pack standalone v1

  1. losevo58 says:

    Лог красный до предела!!
    Log red to the extreme !!

  2. Sca says:

    Nice pack.Thanks.Wait v2
    2axle & 5axle ?

  3. dranko84 says:

    compatible with Jazzycat mod?

  4. Gary Senker says:

    ‘ Tested on ‘
    So you tested it. What did you find? That it is full of bugs? Do you know how to enable the console in game? Let me help.

    Look in your [My Documents] folder and open the [Euro Truck Simulator 2] folder. Edit a file called config.cfg. Look for ‘use g_developer’, change to “1” Look for ‘use g_console’ and change to “1” Save and run the game. Now you will have a console that displays messages in-game. Red messages are errors. These are bad. Try to correct errors before you release mods.

    Take care.

  5. Theosz says:

    The information missing is…

    Tested means that just works….usually with many problems that can cause LAGs and low FPS… and can crash the game in some point, and can be incompatible with other mods.

    The information missing almost all the time is: …Many Errors.

    just open file [game.log.txt] and see the cause of gameplay problems.

    folder \documents\ Euro Truck Simulator 2\

    MIguelAngelo, thx for sharing and republishing but create a real mod made for v1.19x (means no errors or warnings on game.log.txt), the community ETS2 thanks.

    • miguelangel988 says:

      does not cause loss or fps lag is tested by my
      does not crash works perfectly
      Only errors that are not located in the shadow directory

  6. Sca says:

    No shadow trailers ?

  7. kaleu57 says:

    Hello MiguelAngel988,
    very nice Trailerpack, but my Gamelog is full of Errors!!
    There is something wrong with the axles and wheels.
    Can you fix that?

    Greetings kaleu57

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