D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 v1.2.0.123 r1.27

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Mod adapted to the beta patch 1.27.0.x
Modified pmg-files, restored the health of some old buttons and indicators, fixed by registration of cargo and trailers, as well as other bugs fixed.
Tested on beta patch

Mod does not work on patch 1.26.x and earlier versions of the game.
Installation: the Downloaded file move to folder mod and connect to the Profile with 3 old files
priority from the top down
1. D3S Truck Config Scene 6.0.123
2. D3S Cabin Accessories AddOn 1.0.123
3. D3S Advisor Route Marker 2.0.123 (connection optional)
4. D3S Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12 r1.27

DANZ [D3S DESIGN], dobr4060


5 thoughts on “D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 v1.2.0.123 r1.27

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Test Video 1.27…

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    why not orginal link?
    orginal link
    part1 sharemods.com/3mtlpm8tvwtk/D3S_Mercedes_Antos__12_v1.2.0.123_r1.27.scs.html
    page autors scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=158237&sid=b9b172c8d105144e7795fee9908e7f53

    respect the author

    1. hello, I miss some parts, like the grids that protect the lights and I can not paint the front bumper, and the spoiler above the cab

  4. DO NOT PUT THIS MOD IN YOUR GAME, it will make the brakes on all your trucks 50% less efficient!
    The creator of this mod is an #####, he trolling our brakes on all trucks in the game. :@

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