Dacia Logan 2011 1.35

-Adapter for 1.35
-Added new Renault Clio 2017 steering wheel
-Added spoiler
-Added custom license plate from Romania
-Sandero interior(trzpro original author)
-1 engine option
-5 speed gearbox
Do not edit the mod without asking me! (DaNN_YT) contact me on instagram!
Do not change link!
You can ask me if you want to edit car on Instagram: @xdanny1357
The car is not stable at roads,please open console and type “g_suspension_stiffness 0.1” and enter!
Author Car: DaNN_YT
Author Interior: trzpro

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DaNN_YT, trzpro


21 thoughts on “Dacia Logan 2011 1.35

  1. A Dacia With a Renault logo ? Why not 🙂

    1. There are many Dacia tuned with Dacia Logan 2017 / Renault Clio 2017 steering wheels for the look that looks better on the car, it looks good for a tuning car!
      Sorry for my bad English!

  2. sefule vezi ca mie nu mi merge sa modific nimic , iau crash o rezolvare?

    1. Pe ce versiune joci? Am testat modul pt 1.35 merge perfect,merge si pt 1.34,poate joci pe o versiune mai joasa de ex: 1.30. Pe 1.30 nu va merge,nu am testat sa vad! Sper sa imi raspunzi!

      1. Bug Fix: https://sharemods.com/8zbo7mmlq29v/Dacia_Logan_1.5dCi_2011.scs.html

        Totul e in regula acum,nu ar trebui sa primesti crash!

      2. merge acum , mersi

  3. S.h.i.t ?

    1. Y.O.U

  4. Like !!!!!!!!

    1. Mersi! Apreciez! 🙂

  5. If it doesn’t work mod car,I’ll post a fix bug
    Dacă nu funcționează modul cu masina, voi posta un bug fix!

    1. L ai pus fix degeaba, pe 1.35 nu merge. dau sa intru sa l iau si cand sa modific crash

      1. Imposibil sa iei crash,altora le merge,pe ce versiune joci? Sau daca ai moduri care masinile contin cu fisiere de Skoda iti recomand sa le dezactivezi si sa lasi activat doar modul cu Loganul,deci modul este testat,poate iti da crash din cauza ca esti pe o versiune mai joasa,acolo scris clar in descriere ca merge pt 1.35,merge si pe 1.34!

  6. I made a request to change the link, the fixed bug will appear!

  7. I’m sorry but I will not download.
    275 Mb, it’s the size for a OMSI 2 Bus !
    A normal size for ETS 2 mods like this is 50 Mb maximum

    1. The car has 272.8MB due to the fact that it has DLC Accessories that the files contain files for inside the car such as bags, air fresheners for the mirror, for the GPS board, radio station + Sandero files for the interior and the Logan + Sandero textures!
      Nobody forces you to download this mod!

  8. poti face un mod de logan stock?

    1. Pot sa il fac pe acesta stock,dar momentan nu am timp!

  9. eu sunt din neamt #neamtpower ce tare e

    1. Din ce oras din Neamt esti? Eu sunt din Piatra

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