DAF 10 x 6 heavy duty – Transport v 1.0


Here you will gain a DAF – 10 x 6 heavy duty

NOTE: The initial purchase of the truck at any time with all chassis and cabs, chassis and cab afterwards can not but be changed.

Important information!

The DAF 10×6 is ONLY defined on the standard interior, left-hand drive.
Additional Interiore (UK or exclusive) can (if available through fremdmods) lead to crash when dialing.
Foreign Interiore (standard) function when the stand after the DAF in the mod folder.

Wheel selection:
If you want to obstruct other than the ori SCS Steel wheels, (not always) it to the first rear axles (front) to crash.

Choose a different chassis (4×2 or 6×4), the desired gears installed behind and then changes back to the 10×6 chassis.
Then the selected wheels are installed there.

A Subsequent change the cabin (ie after the purchase) in the workshop is not possible.
So you should you consider at the outset whether you ne A, B or C cabin selects the purchase.
Or three trucks you put it in the game and then has the choice in the truck manager.

Coming soon:
The head (slightly noticeable on dark colors) on the left side has been removed in the coming BDF package.
Tank-framing at the rear building and the ladder on the rear building are next BDF package
chrome or matt aluminum. (Proposed by Gerd and is accepted)

TruckSim TruckSim Map of MODS is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at Download Only the original link from TSM (uploaded.net).
Permissions beyond the scope of this license can be obtained under http://www.trucksim-map.de

This mod may only be charged on the offered download links!
The mod may not be offered to other file hosters!

Authors: Streetsurfer1962, Pathfinder


18 thoughts on “DAF 10 x 6 heavy duty – Transport v 1.0

  1. Don’t work…. When check out zip it’s invalid

  2. share trailer please

  3. This is not 10×6…rear 3axles DO NOT revolve. FRONT 2axles revolve.I think there is a big problem in this mod.but this is a good idea so please fix the problems as soon as possible.

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    If You uplaod something, use a good uploadsite not a site wich will not work and gives only spam!


    Freddy Jimmink

  5. guy is not interested in bringing you ets mods, he is interested in your clicks on ads

    1. I agree, he’s more interested in making money than anything.

  6. download links work fine I download fine this mod

  7. Streetsurfer1962

    ETS2.LT linked with spam and sweepstakes. TSM or I do not.
    This is Criminal!
    So you complained to the Hoster who steals DL’s.
    The DL is here illegally. ETS2.LT did not ok it.
    @ Rebeldawg
    Unauthorized uploading and re-offer with a new link!!
    My lawyer will contact you in touch.
    By your IP it is a breeze.
    I wish you all lots of crashes, over and over again.
    Until her learns her flat pipes

    1. If you have any complaints, please fill “Report Abuse” form (in right). Thank you.

  8. Streetsurfer1962


    Not i must fill the “Report Abuse”.
    The user should still read it all here.
    You mus go the legal way and send Question before you provide mods.
    But you mean thats all right……haha
    And the linking with Winning Game is illegal and criminal ( 16.06. ) and i will report this to my lawyer.

  9. Hello Streetsurfer,
    I think that the \lawyer\ you are threatening with can not do anything.

    You did put everything online yourself for other users, and it’s impossible to control who downloads it.

    Technically, we are all violating the law. We use, modify and create items that are property of SCS software. Creating mods is in fact illegal, even if it’s a game function that SCS Software allows. If SCS creates a game, they automatically have legal copyright. Just like you and your mods, which are illegal by the law too. But SCS does not care and will not prosecute in case of any accusation.

    And so can’t you, because you are using property of SCS to begin with.

  10. And about the download site, I can download it without any problems, ads, payments or malicious software, so I don’t know what everyone is talking about.

  11. This works fine at TSM Map.It dont work for other Map.
    The DL Link is wrong and Illegal. You musst take this DL away from your Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DAF 10 x 6 heavy duty – Transport v 1.0


      Use your head to save your feet

  12. I can’t understand why people are not talking about the huge problem of the chassis.It is 10×4!!!!!!!!rear wheels don’t revolve!!!!!!and the download link is fine with ads and without spams.

  13. @Streetsurfer 1962

    We find it a joke that all you people insult you even though it only
    daf1 and concerns. We have done together to go against you before.
    Our lawyers will be in touch with you as soon a we are sorry
    ask of you. We have enough money to you through all necessary
    To draw jurisdictions. In addition, a polite tone would be better than
    your insolence so that more can be achieved.

  14. ivanssssss

    This mod workd fine why are you complaining!
    Download it from this direct link : http://uploaded.net/file/f9zf42f3
    Whats whit you people!?

  15. Daf 10 x6 password

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