DAF 105 Skin Limited Edition

seems skin on Dafa 105 from scs and from vad & k
skin works with dafem from vad & k and from scs
no change of link

Fabian Derda


5 thoughts on “DAF 105 Skin Limited Edition

  1. Skin fajny ale na cholerę to “L” w skinie

  2. First of all, the skin does not work. (Probably because you gave the password to the files). Secondly, remove this L sticker and it will be a good skin.

    1. No, it´s not because he closed some Files.
      We had the same Problem one Time and there are
      Errors in the tobj-Files.
      As they closed, we can´t have a Look to them to repair.

      Conclusion: Nice Skin, but useless.

      1. I forgot: No Manifest, no Image, nor Read. So that gives Errors…

  3. I don’t know, but it doesn’t work for me at all

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