DAF 106 Old School Wheel v2


For users:
Fixed version! For DAF 106

Peerke145, Hobbytrucker


6 thoughts on “DAF 106 Old School Wheel v2

  1. Pls make this wheel for volvo fh 2012

  2. The GPS doesnt work with this mod 🙁

    1. This is what it looks like with the mod


      1. Hobbytrucker17

        It only works with 1.14, not 1.15

  3. Epsilon04

    If you can update him for 1.15, awesome mod ! Thanks.

  4. Peerke145 and Hobbytrucker,

    Nice job with this mod.
    I play with 1.16 and have this problem to.
    The display is on the ground and the navi does not work.

    Can you please update the mod.
    Mayby wait for 1.17 with Scandinavië update?


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