Daf 106 Solarguard


Edit the original sunshade from scs Daf.

Change the ext and the int view.
Works with scs paintshop (metalic paint is possible)


DOWNLOAD 361 KB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 361 KB [file-upload]

5 thoughts on “Daf 106 Solarguard

  1. which mod are you using for the extra accessory points?

  2. yes i need mod for accessory too please

  3. @nemo87 @ Gnitto

    -Ohaha DAF E6 i presume

  4. TimStevensNL


    NO! Don’t say thinks if you don’t know anything about it! This is a private mod (i think), not the Ohaha.

  5. The DAF mod is private it is not Ohaha’s mod Kae made it himself from the base SCS DAF

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