DAF 3600

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– Standalone Truck
– 1 type of chassis 4×2
– 1 type of cabin
– Ambient Occlusion done
– Added lightmask
– Adjusted roof grills
– Added it’s own mirrors
– Various tweeks and fixes
– Added cabin and chassis images at service

– Def updated
– Converted & ready for 1.31
– Cable added

– This truck hasn’t original interior it’s the interior of Daf XF 105

Snaip (GTS), Laxi, Ive, Robertas, Punisher & KPBR Modding


21 Responses to DAF 3600

  1. GreenGuy1801 says:

    Yes!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Kei says:

    Hey KPBR, could you possibly add these to the chassis 6×4 and SISL Megapack interior as well please

  3. Cruise says:

    File def from 23.04.2014.

    • KPBR says:

      I have updated only neccessary def what the utility to update the def of roffgril ? 😉

      If you browse correctly all important def are updated !

  4. Simou19 says:

    Prefer wait the Wendigo’s version :/
    No real interior, and weird model.

    • KP says:

      But the Wendigo’s version isn’t for sell ! 😉

      • Simou19 says:

        He said he will sell it.

        • Jeankulle says:

          Lol xD Wendigo not sell this 3600 because it for complete the collection of Daf and he prefer the private stuff

          • Simou19 says:

            Lol he said that ? Are you sure, i asked him in private, he said he will sell it.

  5. FIN_TRUCKER says:

    Steering wheel is missing!!
    Please repair this mod very fast!!

  6. Polle says:

    I tried this mod and I noticed that steering wheel is missing.
    Can you fix it?

  7. LynxKris says:

    Really Nice work mate!
    I am trying to get it a nice interior and animation.
    By the way, can you provide a template for it?
    My email id is
    [email protected]
    Looking forward for your co-operation mate!

  8. PEXI says:

    Please make INTERIOR from exterior and create aniamtion!

  9. Huibert Stoof says:

    and new dash in a old daf try to make the Original dash this is not nice the xf dash in a 3600

  10. Mj85connell says:

    Fantastic work!! Please can you make an ERF ec11 like this one? https://www.na3t.org/road/photo/JLC00216-15

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