DAF Crawler & High Lift


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Everything is individual tyunning.
– Different versions of the cab and chassis,
– Additional engine and gearbox,
– Different types of bumpers, etc.
There are no off-road wheels (only the default)
Game Version: 1.20.x


DOWNLOAD 31 MB [truck]
DOWNLOAD 12.6 MB [wheels]

10 Responses to DAF Crawler & High Lift

  1. Apferreira Truckman says:

    vixi !!! maria !!! ….

  2. Curve says:

    There’s no truck_dealer folder in the def folder, so you can’t even buy it!

    • Attys says:

      Find at DAF dealer,choose the customization, there are optional cab and chassis, etc.

  3. Paladr says:

    I could buy this is amazing Mod, but it was too high to pick up a trailer. Is it me or the mod that has got it wrong?

    • Paladr says:

      What a nut case I am. I had the highest chassis fitted so could not get it under the trailer.
      Mod is working perfectly now. Thank you very much to the mod maker.

  4. akbarastrawinata says:

    def folder please her I could not buy his truck

  5. sanwlaram says:

    Watch Here Full Details Of This Truck


  6. andris says:

    Good job,but wipers not work !!!

  7. andris says:

    Good job,but wipers not work!!!

  8. Joe the gamer says:

    Thank you for the mod, but if i use cabin accessories DLC, i can see in the mirrors all my cab accessories (electric coolbox, hanging tennisball ,pennants, mini-scarfs……)
    Please fix đŸ™‚

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