Daf Crawler


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Now compatible with version 1.15.1
Fixed some bugs!
it include an updated engine and transmission

mogome, MOE


4 thoughts on “Daf Crawler

  1. Subliminal

    Yo admin, can you please ban this rare kind of an idi0t that evoayoub is?
    His spamming only increases bounce rate of your site and makes visitors angry for wasting time.


  2. I can`t find it I tried every truck in the daf dealer but none have the cab or chassis only the engine. I have 1.15.1

  3. what´s file X ? why isn´t SCS file? isn´t function

    1. david.david

      change .x to .scs
      control panel > folder option > view > and unselect
      hide extensions for khnown file type
      then rename file and rename .x file to .scs

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