DAF Euro 6 Fix


Fixed details, mats, dummies moved to right position

Authors: serega2012, M.M.A, Gerg, wassapka


10 thoughts on “DAF Euro 6 Fix

  1. The chrome is just plain white on the pics,

  2. make light !!!!

  3. Is it available with other chassies?

  4. btw…can you link all your wheel mods please? 🙂

  5. What kind of fix is this?! not able to attach a trailer no other chassis but 4×2…not much customization choices…just search daf euro 6 and check what others have done. standalone,more complete daf euro 6 mods can be found just in 16-17 mb size. what is this 50mb for? do the textures have a very high resolution causing this? (I tested it in 1.9.6s)

  6. what is this joke mod?
    back lights don’t even work, no customizable whatsoever, this mod isn’t at all download worthy. Threw it out immediately, hope it will be good one day but for now I’m sticking with the old daf.

  7. bad mod!!!
    only 1 chassis

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