DAF Euro 6 New Sounds 1.34.x

Mod adds new Sounds for DAF Euro 6 Truck

1. New Sound Signal.
2. Voice navigator when you start the engine.
3. Voice of the navigator when silencing the engine.
4. Voice of the navigator with a faulty engine.
5. Reverse with voice.
6. New sound wipers.
7. New sound turn signals.
8. New sound cash.
9. New sound DPS for breaking the rules.



7 thoughts on “DAF Euro 6 New Sounds 1.34.x

  1. whats+the+password+forthe+mod

    1. Not telling.

  2. Christopher

    Vidéo ???

  3. Leif Knudsen

    Video ????

  4. Dirk Marien

    This mod does not work and is absolutely scrap

  5. Binfood

  6. it is not by PingPong , this truck made by Burak Tuna24


    Why aren’t you ashamed?

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