DAF EVO WING + Trailer


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Version update
fix side curtains
new engine(750hp)
fix new transmission (18 eaton fuller) for manual transmission
fix spotlights

SCS, jr65

DOWNLOAD 287 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 287 MB [mega.nz]


11 thoughts on “DAF EVO WING + Trailer

    1. >Bjr a tous
      >Il est pas possible d’avoir le Daf Evo Wing pour la version 1.31 ???

  1. nice truck, hope you can make 6×4 chassis for the truck…

  2. nice truck, but he sets the row it’s a shame

  3. Thanks for the update, tho, there are still loads of errors in log, missing flares and mat files and pmd and SII files, i hope you fix those errors soon. I could copy paste log into here lol but, it would be a VERY long comment and i dont wish to post unnecessary text when im sure jr65 knows what the errors are.

  4. How to get only wheels and lights, because you do the small mirrors on f2, so i must uninstall this mod, but the wheels and lights are awesome!

  5. this is one awful truck. in every way possible. it needs a huge amount of work, just way to many bugs

  6. Trailer doesn’t even really show up in the game as well.. Both need lots of work. And the reverse flare is bad lights up every truck badly.

  7. Deniz KtL


  8. Teşekkürler+gardaş

  9. bonjour y aura t-il une version pour la 1.31

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