DAF EVO WING V12 V1.9 1.42

Changelog v1.9

Update for version 1.42, in this update removed the brightness of reflection in the mirrors, removed the lighting light defect now shine as it should, made the steering wheel as an accessory like everything to get the mod. Unpack the archive there are also the sounds of the engine that you need to install the highest priority.

For sale in DAF
1 cabin
1 chassis
Your interior
Own wheels
Small tuning

rj65, edited & adapted funyash


5 thoughts on “DAF EVO WING V12 V1.9 1.42

  1. work but too many dx11 texture fails in the log

  2. tır neden hareket etmiyo bilen yazsın nolur sadece bu modda tır hareket etmiyo

  3. Look nice. What about interior for Scania R series? Maybe this one – https://www.alfascan.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/e50/705_365_1/STD_605%20R520%20A6X4HZ.jpg

  4. SLm tır hareket etmiyor. yardımcı olabilecek varmı ?

  5. tır haraket etmiyor pls yardım

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