DAF Exclusive Premium interior

Very beautiful interior with blue speedometer lightning. Read more…

Author: azaz5144

DOWNLOAD interior 885 KB
DOWNLOAD new motor and chasis 1 KB

• The new interior color red & black
• Replaced clocks
• Replaced radio appearance
• Replaced the appearance of your
• changed to blue backlight entirely in keeping with the new radio and phone
• change the illumination color komputerka
• Substituted icon when selecting interior
• everything works well with the version in UK
• You also can download the new engine (750km) and 13 cases of progressive motor is level 12 and have boxes of original purchase

3 thoughts on “DAF Exclusive Premium interior

  1. Can you make the same interior for Scania Trucks too and upload it back here? It would be AWESOME 😀 !

  2. I didn’t get the speedometer light or the blue lighting on the radio and all the buttons in the interior. Please help me find a solution so that I may finally enjoy this luxury.

  3. Work on 1.9.22?

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