DAF F241 Raba Skin v 1.5

Only for SLEEPER cab !!
Few twiks here and there .
RABA truck skin .Truck that build east block .Based on DAF cabin ,produced in Hungary ,used mostly in Hungary,Yugoslavia,Bulgaria ,Poland …etc. We older farts newer so DAF ,all you can see is this beauty ,sinplicity at his best ,no fancy stripes and stuff :)))
Pictures are my personal version ,yours are neutral !!
Enjoy !!
*version 1.2 – changed logo RABA (its hard to find real one that I can use ) its as close as can be to original.
*version 1.3 – few of my friends were angry because my private skin looks much better …..so….:))
*version 1.4 – XBS changed templates ,so few corections all around,corected all I could ,dont blame author its templates :)))
*version 1.5 – finnaly got it wright !!!!

Truck: XBS Skin: Grave


3 thoughts on “DAF F241 Raba Skin v 1.5

  1. Are you planning a Hungarocamion skin as well?

    1. Well if you send me some pictures ,yes why not :)) Sorry for not replaying earlier ,did not see your message :))

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