DAF F241 Series by XBS v 1.2

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version: 1.2
Standalone truck, Sold in DAF Dealer shop.
No details from other games or mods.
Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
The current version of the mod and its discussion:
version ETS2 1.35

Added: Compatible with game version 1.35
Added: Chassis 8×2 (with equipment rack behind the cabin).
Added: Heavy Duty Bumper for chassis 8×2.
Added: Heavy Duty Front Grill for chassis 8×2.
Added: Roof light Box UK Style (for day cab, sleeper cab).
Added: Paint Jobs for heavy duty chassis.

Edit mod for personal use only.
When uploading to third-party sites to save the author’s link.




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17 thoughts on “DAF F241 Series by XBS v 1.2

  1. neranjana

    HD video Test 1.35

  2. Very nice mod, thanks you very much

  3. great thanks

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      Video Test 1.35…

  5. Thank you, great work !

  6. excellent work 😀

  7. thanx and pls make a fix for DAF 95 ATI for the v1.35

  8. help please very much with a way to go and version v 1.30 please, please

  9. Hi could you plz make daf 95 as it was in 1.34 update plz make dat truck for 1.35

  10. Here is a movie of the truck details i made 🙂

  11. darkexplorer64

    Thank you for updating this glorious truck, fantastic work as always.
    HD Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HzOh-mBtMg

  12. My favorite truck <3 Thx.

  13. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, DAF F241 (Nostalji) ?[1.35]

  14. jayontheway228

    Предлагаю посмотреть обзор мода
    Если вам понравилось мое видио – подпишитесь)

  15. fdtransport

    can you update for 1.36 please?

  16. Nice truck! When it will be avable for 1.36x ? I really want it! Thanks!

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