DAF F241 Transport International v 1.2

DAF F241 by XBS Transport- International skin v 1.2
Something for my fans who always supported my work ,and try DAF (Raba) lowers. I was experimenting with this and that and this is a result . Really gave my best not to go to far with rust ,this is the best I can do in battle with myself 🙂
As an apology, if I again got to far with old look, you can have a trailer ……:)
Pictures are taken during the night on purpose …call it a teaser :))))
Trailer link : https://sharemods.com/y53pnmqxf02g/TrailerBlueLegend.scs.html

Truck : XBS
Skin : Grave


9 thoughts on “DAF F241 Transport International v 1.2

  1. where can i get the truck?

  2. Grave thank you, again a cool work from you.
    Is there a chance, that you ad older rims to the trailer?
    The new look of the trailer rims dont match to the Truck / Trailer combination.

    1. Thank you fmad. Your question is god ,problem is that I have so many mods that I am not shore any more which is doing what 🙂 . To get real thing you have to combine few mods…..so my guess is this one

  3. Good day. Many thanks for your skin on DAF F 241! Perfect ##### patina skin !!! And an incredibly nice ##### patina trailer !!! I wish you had more time and you could get a more ##### old trailer besides this! There is little old trailer in the game and there are also ##### trailers, but not as good as yours! There is still a little old truck and an old trailer in the game and especially a little #####! Thanks again and good luck !! For me, this DAF + skin + trailer best off ets2! Sorry for my English – Google Translate.

  4. Darkcaptain

    Grave: Thanks for all your skins, I always use them!

    Do you have the download link for the “##### wheels”? Thanks!

  5. https://ibb.co/r6fBKx8 something for me:)
    Ok people,thanks for all your likes but I really dont know how to make any thing except skins. My knowledge end there.So I want+ to thank real author of trailer witch I just colored for my needs. There is 7-8 reuploads but I believe authors are+:Fox071rus,Stas556,Koljan;vasja555.I just visually changed small things and details to look better.
    Darkcaptain my friend,for wheels you need KAMAZ 54115.And for tires


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