DAF open pipe sound


I hope you find it useful the Sound.
The file is open and free for change.

Author: Volidas


14 Responses to DAF open pipe sound

  1. MSriharsdi says:

    Nice sound mod i like it 😉

  2. aleksey says:


  3. Kenny says:

    i miss the turbo sound when changing gear!

    • Volidas says:

      Open the def internal and raise the turbo sound..

      sound_data: .t
      name: “/sound/truck/renault/magnum_int/turbo_int.ogg”
      looped: true
      volume: 2.85
      is_2d: true

      • Kenny says:

        how can i change the volume??

        • Volidas says:

          Go to the mod open it with winrar open def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/sound then interior.sii with notepad and raise the volume in the line as i show you before..From 2.85 go to 3.20 or more until yoy hear the turbine save the sii and click yes to winrar..
          The turbo line is in the middle of the sii

  4. Bernie says:

    Good mod, thank you.

  5. DanielR says:

    This freezes everytime I try to load my profile and my current truck is a DAF. Please help


    • Volidas says:

      Go to your profile and uncheck any other Daf sound mod certainly conflict with other mod….

  6. Gotti says:

    nice mod.
    has anyone done an ‘axle lift mod’ for daf?

  7. Özkan Yeter says:

    Very good sound bro. Please me Mercedes Benz 🙂

  8. oliwer says:

    Dont work for me 1.1.3

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